About Elated Education

Elated Education was born to assist mental health professionals and organizations to get refreshed on the basics within the field. Elated Education is geared towards providing external training that can occur in person, virtually, and/or recorded training with immediate access.
  • In Person

    Yes, we travel to you.

    Our fees are calculated to include travel or they will be discussed prior to agreement of services. We find certain companies prefer onsite services.

  • Virtual

    Yes, we can Zoom you.

    Do you happen to have several locations you need to plug in at once? We are available via zoom which can also increase the type of clinicians that will be available for your course.

  • Pre-Recorded

    Yes, you can access the training from anywhere.

    This is our most popular option as schedules can be difficult to sync at times. We have the option to white-label courses based on your company and provide licensing options for a discounted rate.

What makes us special?

Cause we totally are.

  • Our trainings are simple.

  • Our instructors are passionate.

  • Our content is unmatched.

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